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Behind 4Love

4Love was born out of a heart-wrenching book that would forever change the course of my life – “Half the Sky” by Kristoff and WuDunn. With each page that I read, I knew I wanted to find a way to empower women. I wanted to give women a greater voice so they can make decisions that benefit them and their family. I wanted to give them an opportunity to learn how to read, to learn how to write and give them the feeling of self-worth! According to the Chinese proverb, “women hold up half the sky”; women are the solution to breaking the cycle of poverty – not the problem – and I want to play a role in this growing revolution.  ~ Lindsey Parry (Founder) 

Lindsey and Family


Nivia is twenty-four years old and has three children Mayra (11) and Saul (4) and Genero (2) with Septimo.  Nivia was actually the first woman that we employed with 4Love and she has been an absolute gift!  From the moment my sister, Katie, and I met her, we knew we had found someone special.  Her work ethic and enthusiasm to learn and try new things never ceases to amaze me.  It has been an honor to have her as a part of our team of women.

It was in witnessing her husband, Septimo’s, response to our excitement to Nivia’s first dress that I knew 4Love had the ability to not only transform these women’s lives through a sustainable income, but through the new light with which their husbands viewed them.  Septimo lit up with pride when we praised Nivia for her work.  It was a priceless moment that lives in my heart.

Nivia and FAmily


Juana is married to Florintino and they have two children, Christian (11) and Estefanie (9).  Juana is a bit more reserved than the other women, but in the time that she has been working with us, it has been really special to watch her come out of her shell.  She absolutely shines while making garments for 4Love.  She has been truly gifted in not only her ability to make the highly intricate naguas, but in her ability to teach the other women how to advance their sewing skills (especially when it comes to using the electric sewing machines).  Where Juana is reserved, her children are the complete opposite!  Christian and Estefanie can light up any room they walk into with their beautiful smiles and they readily keep me on my toes, especially little Estefanie!  They are absolutely delightful.  

Juana and Family


Jilma is married to Bonifcio and has two children, Yamilth (12) and Luis Carlos (7).  Inspired by the opportunity that her long-time friend, Nivia, had found through 4Love, she expressed a strong desire to join our “family”.  Upon meeting her, I instantly felt and knew that she would fit right into our family.  Her addition has truly been a blessing. She continues to impress me with the colors she combines to create her naguas. 

Jilma and Family


Dalia is the newest member to 4Love. Photo and bio coming soon. 


To view more photos of the women of 4Love Clothing and their families please visit our facebook page or Instagram--- 4Love Clothing